More Than An Influence.

More Than An Influence.

The Holy Spirit is not just an influence in your life when He comes but He is more than an influence!

“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you…” (Acts 1:8).

He is the best more than influence you could ever have, yet, He is more than an just a presence in your life. He is not as your view Him in your mind, not a smoke or oil, neither is He a cloud; nor a dove; He is more than all that!

He is a Person. If you relate with Him, He will empower you and reveal beautiful things you from God’s Word.

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The Holy Spirit is bigger than this whole world but He come into a man and reduce Himself to accommodate that man. If He come as big as He is the man will explode into pieces. You need to make Him bigger again in you.

How do you make Him bigger again in you?

Study the Word and have a daily conversation with Him, don’t just ignore Him (Joshua 1:9). He is there in your life to help you in all your endeavors. Trust me, He is ever ready to talk to you ensuring you are successful in all things.

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The Holy Spirit empowers you to be a witness. A witness is a proof-producer! That means you produce proofs of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the reality of the Kingdom of God through the Holy Spirit. If you have the Holy Spirit, your life is different.

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All of the work and service you render in the house of God will be empty without the Holy Spirit. We can’t do anything for God without the help of the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit does not sanctify your offering, it’s not acceptable to God. Even Jesus had to offer Himself through the Holy Spirit, according to (Hebrews 9:14).

Today, you can receive Him into your life; you can open yourself to Him by faith and say, “I receive the Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus,” and when He comes into your life, you will discover He is more than an influence.

He is the one who lead you in life and guide you into all truth. He is the One to teach you the Word of God. With Him you will never walk in confusion or in darkness.

Make Him your best choice of friend today by letting Him lead you completely charging he course of your life to the top. Be effective in listening to His idea of everything. He speak to you daily, hourly, every minutes and every seconds of the day.

Have a listening ear to be able to hear him. You know what? Study your Bible daily and you will be able to discern His voice and adhere to it always.

Thank you for reading and I pray to God in Jesus name to give you the Holy Spirit as promise by Jesus when He was ascending to heaven. Amen

God bless you and have a blossom day ahead. Cheers, one love.