The Divine Written Book.

The Divine Written Book.

Anything called divine is from above and not of these world. Life itself is a mystery and must be approach the same. Many things in world most comes mysterious before being accepted as normal.

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“The Son of Man goes as it is written of him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been better for that man if he had not been born.” (Matthew 26:24).

Woe in the context of the Bible Verse means caused be such man that is against what has been written. Remember, Jesus defeated Satan with it is written, without the Word being written before hand, He would have been defeated by the devil (It cannot happen though) but Jesus Christ try to show us how to defeat the devil and his cohort.

Anything or anybody that did not know what is written in the divine book (The Bible) cannot fulfill his true destiny (Luke 22:22).

Jesus Christ was able to fulfilled His mission, purpose and destiny because He knew what was written and could refer to them anytime He is in need of it. Anytime He want to save someone or rescue someone or do what He was sent to the earth to do.

The Question is do you know what is written? 

Do you know that 95% of the problems we face in this whole world is caused by yourself. We blame other for our woes but we are actually the one who brings upon ourselves problems. Stop blaming others and look for a lasting solution to any issue you have. The devil is not to blame but you because you don’t know what has been written concerning you.

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Most people will be complaining my life is not moving forward, if I do this, I will fail and do that it’s also failure. Why not go to the Word of God with prayers for God to show you the reason you are in this world.

We are all part of a tree in this world, may be you are the root as God planned it but you decided to be leaf, it won’t work that way, you are destined to be root for a reason and not being a root might cause your journey through life to be rough. I hope I did explain well.

Operating outside your divine purpose is a delay to destiny, or might even shorten the destiny completely. The word of God will open your eyes to see the through destiny God has in-stock for you. Go to the word now with prayers.

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For example, let’s talk about a lady who in her life always love to argue about everything and she always won even when the argument is negative or false. She then went into the University with the highest level result to study Law. After fives years of rigorous study, she graduated with first class result. She was so happy and her household congratulated her and celebrated her achievement.

She joined a law firm and she was doing pretty well until she met with Jesus. The amazing thing is she started doing badly in her work and she got into the word with prayers, discovered that’s not the job she is meant to do but she is supposed to become a fashion designer.

She started thinking and refused to do anything about it because of the years she had spent in becoming a lawyer not knowing God wanted to make her a financial giant instead a lawyer. This wealth never came until she decided to go back, learn fashion designing and today she is a giant that she is meant to be supporting the work of the ministry as God has sent her.

The moral of the story is the fact that a lot of us always use our senses to choose or do things for ourselves but I will tell you today that life is a mystery and can only be found in the divine written book.

I do hope I have been able to touch your heart with my heart felt post today. Please feel free to use the comment session below to ask all your questions. I will gladly provide answer to them one after the other. God bless you.

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I remain Steven Moses.

See you next time. Remained blessed of God.


Image created by me and Bible Copyright Reference: New King James Version, My Holy Bible.

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